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  1. Good evening doctor. I am suffering from BPH for the last two years. On the advice of the doctor I am taking a one tablet of 'DURACARD-1mg' everyday before bed. My doubt may be clarified doctor, whether the enlargement in prostate gland can be reduced or for postponement of surgery it will help. what I understand is that the surgery will be postponed to some years by using it to avoid surgery, which may cause some side effects. Now my age is 58 years. I request you to give me some more natural remedies as well as yoga asanas for its cure. Thank you doctor to post this facility for the benefit of the Face Book friends.

    1. homeopathic remedy ; take rhododendran -30 c morning 3 to 4 pills
      , lycopodium - 30 c night 3 to 4 pills 30 minutes before food for 30 days .before taking this medicines you should take sulphur -30 one dose 3 to 4 pills only in the morning after that you take these medicines this will help u to cure this problem without surgery .
      nathural foods which help this problem
      botttle gourd juice ,barley water

      acupressure points
      REN 5 this point is located in the midline of the body 3 finger breadth below the umblicus .press this point with your thumb for 1 to 2 minutes ,press and release manner .

      Gomukhasana will prevents and cure this problem .

    2. consumption of watercress herb juice or salad is very hepful to cure this problem

    3. I am 67 and having Prostate Problem since last 17 years. I am taking Veltam Plus tablet. one tablet at night before sleep. I am having feet base burning sensation and toes are paining. I am also having constipation.
      pl guide me.
      thank you
      Bharat Shah

  2. Dear Madam,
    My mother was suferred by Chronic kidney disease past 6 years. Now we are following accupressure treatment past 1year. Good improvement. But last one week she doesnt have sleep and doesnt take any food. Her hemoglobine level is 6. Pl sugest me