Spleen meridian has 21 acupressure points. Among these points SP 16 point is a very important point for curing abdomen related problems


This point is located in the upper abdomen of our body that is below the rib cage, in line with your right and left earlobe as shown in the figure.

  • Acidity
  • Ulcer
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Intestinal abnormalities
  • Digestive disorders due to emotional trauma
  • Blood in stool 
  • Undigested food in stool 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Ribcage pain
  • Hiccups
To relieve from the above listed problems, press this point with your fingers for 1 to 2 minutes daily morning and evening will help to relieve stomach related problems.


Garcinia cambogia is a medium sized tree with dropping branches  commonly found in evergreen and semi green forest of south west India .It is popularly known as Malabar tamarind .It is belongs to the family of Clusiaceae .It is mainly grown for its fruits in southeast Asia ,coastal karnataka,kerala,and Africa.
Garcinia cambogia leaves are dark green and oval shaped with narrow ended .The tree is tolerant to drought and flowers during summer season ,it ripens during rainy seasons.The fruits are sour and greenish yellow color like small pumpkin .It can be used for cooking for preparing many diseases instead of using normal tamarind. 
Garcinia combogia contains  plant phenols like xanthones ,carcinol powerful antioxidant vitamin C, Hydroxy citric acid,iron,potassium,calcium etc.
The other names of Garcinia cambogia are Malabar tamarind ,Garcinia Gummi-Gutta,Kudam puli and it is called brindle berry in Ayurveda.It is often used as an alternative medicine for its admirable anti colic action.
It has an antioxidant property,anti cancer and anti inflammatory property.In Ayurveda system of medicine it has been used for treating many diseases like rheumatism,piles and bilious affections ,weight loss,uterine disorders etc.

It helps to 
  •  Promotes weight loss because of its compound Hydroxycitric acid is a hey ingredient for weight loss is its  suppress  hunger naturally and  also block the enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar and fat.
  • Reduce the blood cholesterol level and also prevents the coronary heart diseases.
  • Controls blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
  • Protects from colic pain and irregular bowel movements.
  • Promotes good digestion,and strengtherns our digestive system.
  • Prevents acidity.
  • Boost immunity and prevent from other infectious diseases because it is having powerful antioxidant vitamin C.
  • Prevents and protects from cancer because of its plant phenols  xanthones, carcinol and powerful antioxidant vitamin C will prevent and fight free radicals which are  key reasons for cancer and some other serious diseases.
  • Improves RBC count
  • Prevents Gastrointestinal disorders .

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Homeopathy will give quick and good relief from cough without any side effects. Treatment through homeopathic medicines is very safe despite being cheap. There are different types of coughs which we can treat with homeopathic medicines based on the symptoms and severity of the diseases.

Cough can be caused due to allergies, cold,flu, sinusitis, smoking, bronchitis, pollutants, smoke, asthma,etc.

Types of coughs
Dry cough, wet cough, tickling cough, spasmodic cough, nocturnal cough, asthmatic cough, allergic cough, barking cough, whooping cough, etc.

12 Homeopathic medicines for cough
1. Aconite-30 will give good relief for acute sudden onset of a cough after exposing dry, cold or chill wind, early time coughs, night time cough accompanied by short breath and agitation.
2. Pulsatilla -30 is the best homeopathic medicine to treat when the patient is having dry cough at night, wakes up again and again for coughing at night, coughing leads to chest pain,stuffy nose, mucous is thick and green color.
3. Nuxvomica-30 will work wonder to cure unbearable dry cough with chillness, difficulty in breathing, headache which caused impatience, restlessness, aggression for these conditions.
4. Kalibich - 30 is very suitable for stubborn and galling cough, sinusitis cough, dry cough in the morning, running nose with cough, pain in nose, cough aggravated and uneasy feeling in morning time.
5. Rumex crispus-30 is very much suitable for Chronic dry cough and pain in lungs region.  
6. Spongia toasta-30 will give good relief for suffocation feeling with cough, hard, sound and barking cough with little or no expectorant.Which is worse from deep breathing excitement.
7. Hepar sulph- 30 is suitable for dry cough with chillness, phlegm is yellowish color.
8. Antimonium tartaricum-30 is very suitable for suffocative rattling cough, chesty cough with absence of expectorant, wheezing cough. This medicine is very effective on old age people and children. 
9. Ipecacuna-30 gives good and quick relief for suffocative cough,rattling cough with little expectorant.cough accompanied by nausea ,nose bleed,wheezing cough
10. Sticta pulmonaria-30 will good relief for dry cough and spasmodic cough. This is very suitable for old age people and patients having gout.
11. Bryonia Alba - 30 is very good for dry cough ,cough comes from stomach region,cough with bursting headache. 
12Drosera-30 is suitable for spasmodic cough ending in vomiting,cough from deep in the chest,worse in after midnight. 

Here's a bonus medicine which can offer effective relief from cough. Ars Alb- 30 will provide good relief for asthmatic cough,patient feel worst after midnight, sensitivity to cold cough in midnight, after getting warm in bed, worse when lying down, painful dry cough,worsen after a movement, moving aggravation, expectorant is scant, waking at night due to painful cough.