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Sweet ,delicious and highly nutritious jack fruit is having many health benefits .This popular Asian fruit is belongs to the family of moraceae .Scientific name of this fruit is Artocarpus heterophyllus . Common name of this fruit is jack fruit .In Tamil pala pazham ,in malayalam chakka  ,kathal in bengali ,panasa in telugu and katahal in hindi .It is cultivated in India 3000 to 6000 years ago .It is widely cultivated in the tropical regions of Indian subcontinent ,Malaysia ,Thailand ,Indonesia and Brazil for its fruits and bark wood .Jack fruit is a huge tree that grows to as high as 30 meters height .Jack fruit outer surface is covered with the blunt thorns like projections which becomes soft as the fruit ripe and inside it is having soft bulbs with seeds .which is yellow in color . It is having a distinct aroma .It has ripening season in Asia of late spring to late summer .Thailand and Vietnam are the major producer of jack fruit .Fresh fruit contains many nutrients ,it has good a…


Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the branches of wild trees that belongs to the genus " Cinnamomum " native to Caribbean ,south america and southeast Asia .It is a common aromatic spice and flavoring agent . Once it is considered more precious than gold .Normally it is used  in the form of dried bark and essential oil . It is used in the food items likes beverages ,deserts and main course meals .Cinnamon contains some nutrients like calcium ,iron ,fiber , thiamine  B1 ,riboflavin B2 ,niacin B3 ,B12 ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,manganese and many other nutrients .Many research studies indicates that the cinnamon have incredible health benefits .
- Cinnamon is a very powerful spice has been known to have anti inflammatory ,analgesic ,antiviral ,anti bacterial ,anti fungal and aphrodisiac properties .
- It has been used as a astringent ,antiperspirant and deodorant .
- Cinnamon extract will regulates the blood sugar levels , reduce the fasting blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes an…


Alzheimer,s disease is a progressive and fatal brain disease and it is characterized by impairment of memory eventually by disturbance in reasoning ,planning ,language and perception .Degeneration of neuron cells in the brain is leads  to Alzheimer,s disease ..Presently over 35 million plus people world wide are suffering from Alzheimer,s disease .Most of the patients develop after the age of 65  .American peoples are suffering more from this disease than other people .Slightly more woman than men have Alzheimer,s disease .
Factors causing Alzheimer,s disease 
- Aging ( mostly developed above 65 years  ) 
- Genetically also comes  
- Hormonal changes ,low levels of testosterone,
- Certain drugs like antihistamines ,sleep aids ,anti depressants and narcotic pain relievers .
- High levels of amyloid protein .Amyloid protein is a toxic substance that can kill neurons in the brain that are important for learning and memory ,It leads to the Alzheimer,s disease .
- High blood pressure 
- Coronary…


Morinda citrifolia is a tree belongs to the coffee family rubiaceae .This plant is native to Asia ,Australia and Islands of Polynesia .It is a small tree with white flowers .The fruit is yellow greenish - white in color and large .It is used as a folk medicine by Polynesians for over 2000 years .It is a traditional food and medicine in many tropical countries including South east Asia ,India ,Pacific Islands ,and Philippines .Noni is a traditional medicine for many diseases like Diabetes ,high blood pressure ,heart problems abnormal growth ,menstrual problems ,constipation ,piles ,liver diseases ,urinary infections  and other chronic disorders .Today noni fruits ,leaves ,flowers ,stems ,bark and roots are still used to make medicine for a long list of ailments .The other name of this tree is great morinda ,Indian mulberry  ,Noni,beach mulberry and cheese fruit .

Noni fruit is a multiple fruit that has a pungent odour which ripening and is hence also known as cheese fruit .It contains …


This plant is used as a herbal medicine since many years in India .It belongs to the piperaceae family .Botanical name of this plant is piper betel .The betel leaf is cultivated in most of south and southeast Asia .Since it is a creeper it leaning on another tree or long pole to support and may reach 15 meters height .It needs high land especially fertile soil to grow .Betel leaves are heart shaped  ,smooth ,shining  ,long stalked leaves with pointed apex and bright green in color .Betel leaves contains tannin ,sugar ,essential oils ,beta carotene ,thiamine ,chromium ,rich in enzymes like diastase and catalase besides as essential aminoacids and  little amount of other minerals Because of its medicinal property it has been used in ayurvedic system of medicine .  It is a mild stimulant and its medicinal property it is consumed in Asia and in the world wide  countries . In ancient times it has been used as an aromatic stimulant ,anti flatulent  and several household remedies .In India …


DU - 4 or GV -4 ( Governing vessel meridian ) 
  It is one of the main acupressure point to increase the vital yang energy of the patient  and it is very  important ,useful  and effective point for treating all types of hemorrhoids .We have to press this point with our thumb in  press and release manner for 1 to 2 minutes ,morning and evening  up to 4 to 5 days ,this will help you to relieve  ,the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids ,even in severe case can fully disappear after the pressing treatment .We can press this point both male and female ,acute or chronic cases of hemorrhoids .Chinese name of this point is Ming men .English name of this point is Life door .
Location of this point 
This point is located on the midline of the lower back in the depression below the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra .It is  located in the governing vessel meridian .
Other benefits of pressing this point 
- It regulates the DU meridian .
- It heals the body heat .
- It tonifies the kidney .
- It he…


Watermelon is a delicious ,wonderful ,highly nutritious and special fruit for beating summer season .It was originated from southern African countries and from where it spread to all over the world .Botanical name of this fruit is Citruslanatus .It belongs to the family of cucurbitaceae of the genus citrullus .It is related to the cucumber and pumpkin that grows vines on the ground .China is the largest producer of watermelon in the world .United states ,turkey ,Brazil ,Iran and Egypt are  the second largest producers of watermelon .
  Very sweet ,tasty and thirst quenching  watermelons are the great source of much needed water and electrolytes to beat the tropical summer temperature .The flesh of this fruit is juicy ,red ,pink ,or yellow with numerous black seeds embedded in the middle of the fruit flesh .Verities of watermelons are cultivated world over .
Watermelons packed with lot of nutrients like vitamin A ,vitamin C ,vitamin E ,vitamin D ,niacin ,thiamin ,B6 ,B12 ,pantothenic ac…


Apple is one of the most cultivated and consumed fruits in the world .Apples  have long been associated with the story of Adam and eve .Apples are obtained from the medium sized tree belonging to the Rosaceae family . A wonderful ,delicious and crunchy apple fruit is packed with lot of health promoting and disease fighting vitamins ,minerals ,phytonutrients and antioxidents . Notably most of the antioxidents are present in the peel of an apple fruit .''An apple a day keeps the doctor away'' is the popular proverb about an apple . Many research studies suggest that eating an apple regularly is having number of health benefits 
-  It helps to decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes .Phytonutrient polyphenols present in apples clearly lowers the rate of glucose absorption from our intestine .It stimulate the beta cells in the  pancreas to secrete more insulin.It helps to activate the muscle cell insulin receptors for better sugar regulation in our body. Because of…


Pistachio nuts are popular ,healthy and delicious snacks packed with lot of  nutrients .Botanical name of this pistachio is " pistachio vera .'' Pistachio nuts are dry fruits of species of trees belonging to the anacardiaceae family of the genus pistachia .The plant is medium sized broad ,bushy and deciduous tree .It grows well under hot dry climates with cool winters .It is originally from central Asia and middle east Asia .The tree produces a seed . Iran ,United states and Turkey are the major producer of pistachios .
   Pistachio nuts are power houses of lot of vitamins , minerals ,antioxidants and mono unsaturated fatty acids .It contains vitamins like vitamin A ,vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) ,vitamin B6 ,vitamin E ,copper ,iron ,magnesium ,calcium ,manganese ,zinc ,copper ,selenium phytosterols ,carotenoids like zeaxanthin ,lutein ,protein ,dietary fiber ,mono unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids ( oleic acid )and energy .
 Many studies shows that 
-  Regular con…