This plant is used as a herbal medicine since many years in India .It belongs to the piperaceae family .Botanical name of this plant is piper betel .The betel leaf is cultivated in most of south and southeast Asia .Since it is a creeper it leaning on another tree or long pole to support and may reach 15 meters height .It needs high land especially fertile soil to grow .Betel leaves are heart shaped  ,smooth ,shining  ,long stalked leaves with pointed apex and bright green in color .Betel leaves contains tannin ,sugar ,essential oils ,beta carotene ,thiamine ,chromium ,rich in enzymes like diastase and catalase besides as essential aminoacids and  little amount of other minerals Because of its medicinal property it has been used in ayurvedic system of medicine .  It is a mild stimulant and its medicinal property it is consumed in Asia and in the world wide  countries . In ancient times it has been used as an aromatic stimulant ,anti flatulent  and several household remedies .In India betel leaves are very important ingredient to perform Pooja in Hindu temples .It is native to central Asia , Easten Malaysia and spread at a various tropical countries . 

Many research studies shows that 
- Betel leaves extract is having free radicals scavenging properties that were greater than that of butylated hydroxyl  toluene .Because of this property it prevent cancer .
- Oil from this leaves containing a phenol called chavicol which has powerful antiseptic properties .It inhibits the growth of typhoid ,cholera and tuberculosis causing  bacteria . Essential oil is yellow aromatic liquid with a sharp stinging and burning taste .
- It prevents the type 2 diabetes because of its anti diabetic property .Trivalent chromium is essential element for maintaining normal blood sugar levels .It is present in the betel leaves which helps to prevent diabetes and help to reduce high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients .
- It helps to cure bronchitis ,cough ,nose bleeding ,bleeding gums ,acne ,intestinal warms ,bad breath ,,respiratory problems ,nervous disorders ,abdomen pain ,constipation ,wounds ,headaches and inflammations .
- Five to six betel leaves are combined with a little bit of calcium carbonate is said to be an equivalent to about 300 ml of milk . It will give good amount of calcium which is very good for our bones .
- Chewing betel leaves prevent many diseases like diabetes , cancer produce a sense of well being ,increase of alertness , salivation and sweating .
- Fresh juice extract with honey and pepper  is good  for treating cough , bronchitis and respiratory problems .
- A warm betel leaf coated with a layer of castor oil is spread over in the arthritis affected area ,this will be helpful for treating inflammation of the arthritis .
- It prevent many diseases because of its immune boosting  ,anti fungal and antibacterial property .
- Betel leaves taking with tobacco leads to many problems like dental carries ,neurosis ,and oral cancer also .You should avoid betel leaves with tobacco .

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