Watermelon is a delicious ,wonderful ,highly nutritious and special fruit for beating summer season .It was originated from southern African countries and from where it spread to all over the world .Botanical name of this fruit is Citruslanatus .It belongs to the family of cucurbitaceae of the genus citrullus .It is related to the cucumber and pumpkin that grows vines on the ground .China is the largest producer of watermelon in the world .United states ,turkey ,Brazil ,Iran and Egypt are  the second largest producers of watermelon .

  Very sweet ,tasty and thirst quenching  watermelons are the great source of much needed water and electrolytes to beat the tropical summer temperature .The flesh of this fruit is juicy ,red ,pink ,or yellow with numerous black seeds embedded in the middle of the fruit flesh .Verities of watermelons are cultivated world over .
Watermelons packed with lot of nutrients like vitamin A ,vitamin C ,vitamin E ,vitamin D ,niacin ,thiamin ,B6 ,B12 ,pantothenic acid iron ,calcium ,magnesium ,manganese ,zinc ,potassium ,phosphorus ,aminoacids ,antioxidants and flavonoids .
- Watermelons contains 92 percentage of alkaline water which is very good for those who are suffering from ulcer .It is a natural diuretic that can help you to hydrate your body .
- A powerful antioxidant lycopene is present in it , it is very essential for our heart . 100 grams of fresh watermelon provides 4532 micro grams of lycopene .It helps to prevent the coronary heart diseases and stroke.
 - It is very low in calories 100 grams of fresh fruit flesh will provide only 30 calories .It helps to maintain the normal body weight .
- This fruit is having excellent source of vitamin A ,  a powerful fat soluble antioxidant ,100 grams of fruit gives 569 micro grams which is very essential for our vision,immunity ,maintaining healthy mucus membrane and skin .
- It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids like lycopene ,bete carotene ,lutein ,zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin helps to protect against all types of cancers .
-It is a good source of potassium ,it is an  important component of cell and body fluids that helps to control the heart rate and blood pressure .
- It contains aminoacids  like cirrulline and arginine which can help and maintain arteries ,blood flow and over all cardiovascular health .
- It helps to improve our immunity because it is having glutathione which is called mother of all antioxidants and natural antioxidant vitamin C also develop resistance against infectious agent .
- It is good for our kidney ,it helps to cure kidney stones ,clean our kidney and urinary bladder .
- It helps to lowers the uric acid in the blood .It helps to cure gout .
- It is having natural sugar which can help us sustain our energy .
- It helps to remove the fluid retention in our body .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol and lowers the LDL cholesterol because of it has no cholesterol .
- It helps to remove  the constipation and prevent piles .
- It is very good for arthritis .
- According to the experts may be a very simple aphrodisiac which reinforces a person's sex drive .
- It helps to reduce the  bad breath .
- Watermelon seeds contains copper which involved in the production of melanin .
- It makes your brain sharper because it contains vitamin B6 ,and B12 is good for your brain function .
Have this highly nutritious  fruit in summer for beating summer temperature .

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