Morinda citrifolia is a tree belongs to the coffee family rubiaceae .This plant is native to Asia ,Australia and Islands of Polynesia .It is a small tree with white flowers .The fruit is yellow greenish - white in color and large .It is used as a folk medicine by Polynesians for over 2000 years .It is a traditional food and medicine in many tropical countries including South east Asia ,India ,Pacific Islands ,and Philippines .Noni is a traditional medicine for many diseases like Diabetes ,high blood pressure ,heart problems abnormal growth ,menstrual problems ,constipation ,piles ,liver diseases ,urinary infections  and other chronic disorders .Today noni fruits ,leaves ,flowers ,stems ,bark and roots are still used to make medicine for a long list of ailments .The other name of this tree is great morinda ,Indian mulberry  ,Noni,beach mulberry and cheese fruit .

Noni fruit is a multiple fruit that has a pungent odour which ripening and is hence also known as cheese fruit .It contains many seeds .It is sometimes called starvation fruit .This fruits contains carbohydrates ,dietary fibers ,macronutrients , vitamin A ,vitamin C ,niacin ,iron ,potassium ,calcium  and sodium . Research studyies have identified over 50 compounds in the noni fruit and that have therapeutic value .It contains number of phyto chemicals like lignans ,oligo ,polysaccharides ,flavonoids ,fatty acids ,scopoletin ,catechin ,beta - sitosterol,alkaloids  ,linoleic acid etc .
- Anthraquinones and scopoletin found in noni fruit have been proven to be helpul against bacteria ,fungus ,inflammations and allergies .
- Damnacanthal that is present in the noni fruit will inhibits the pre- cancerous cells .
- The scopoletin in noni is responsible for treating high blood pressure ,palpitations and cardiovascular problems .
-It regulates and strengthens the protein cells in our body because of its alkaloid xeronine .
- Terpenes are  found in this also help to rejuvenate  the body cells .
- This fruit extract is also helps in the shrinking of prostate enlargement and uterine fibroids menstrual cramps and irregular menstruation .
- It helps to produce a brownish purple dye that may be used for making batik ,in hawail .Yellow dye is extracted from the roots for dyeing fabrics .
- Noni  fruit is very helpful for diabetes ,liver disease ,constipation ,colic ,convulsions ,menstrual problems ,vaginal discharge during pregnancy ,malaria ,nausea ,smallpox ,enlarged spleen ,swelling ,asthma ,arthritis ,other bone problems ,cold and  cough ,digestive problems ,depression ,high blood pressure ,kidney disorders ,migraine headaches ,premenstrual syndrome ,stroke ,AIDS ,drug addiction ,atherosclerosis  ,circulation problems ,gastric ulcer ,other infections , acne , urinary infections ,pain and sedation .

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