Apple is one of the most cultivated and consumed fruits in the world .Apples  have long been associated with the story of Adam and eve .Apples are obtained from the medium sized tree belonging to the Rosaceae family . A wonderful ,delicious and crunchy apple fruit is packed with lot of health promoting and disease fighting vitamins ,minerals ,phytonutrients and antioxidents . Notably most of the antioxidents are present in the peel of an apple fruit .''An apple a day keeps the doctor away'' is the popular proverb about an apple . Many research studies suggest that eating an apple regularly is having number of health benefits 

-  It helps to decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes .Phytonutrient polyphenols present in apples clearly lowers the rate of glucose absorption from our intestine .It stimulate the beta cells in the  pancreas to secrete more insulin.It helps to activate the muscle cell insulin receptors for better sugar regulation in our body. Because of its trivalent chromium content helps to prevent insulin resistance  type 2 diabetes .
- Apples are low in calories 100 grams of apple slices will provide only 50 calories .It is very helpful for reducing and managing our body weight .
- It has no saturated fats and no cholesterol because it will decrease the risk  of coronary heart diseases and hyperlipidemia .
- It is a good source of fiber content that is called pectin ,a soluble fiber  which helps to prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol in our diet .
- It contains B complex vitamins like  thiamin ,riboflavin ,phyridoxin  which helps as co factor for the enzymes in metabolism as well as various synthetic functions inside the body .
- It is a good source of vitamin C and beta carotene .Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant ,it develop resistance against infectious agents and harmful pro inflammatory free radicals from our body .
- It is having minerals like  potassium ,phosphorous  ,chromium and calcium .Potassium is important component of cell ,body fluids ,it helps to control the heart rate and blood pressure .It helps to counters the bad influence of sodium .
- It helps to reduce the risk of  all type of cancers  including pancreatic cancer because of its antioxidants property.Phyto nutrients polyphenolic compounds helps the body to protect from the harmful free radicals .
- It helps to remove diarrhea and constipation .It helps to alleviate hemorrhoids .
- It protects liver and prevents gall stones .
- It helps to prevent cataract .
- Quercelin  present in apples can  boost our immunity .
- Apples have been found to protect neuron cells against oxidative stress ,reduce the the risk of neurogenerative disorders such as alzheimers disease.
- It helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
- It prevent from from aging .
-It has anti asthma benefits because  anti inflammatory and antioxidents present in it .
Protect the cut apples from browning reaction add some lemon juice to it , It will prevent the apples from browning reaction .

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