Banyan tree is a sacred tree of India .  It is native to  India found in Myanmar ,Thailand ,southeast Asia ,china  ,south America ,Africa and Malaysia .It symbolishes the  Hindu Gods Trimurthi ,s ,Lord Brahma ,Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva .
It has lot of medicinal benefits .The various parts of the tree are used for treatment of many diseases  in Indian system of medicines like Siddha ,Ayurveda and Folk medicines ,due to their scientifically proven medicinal activities .This tree is called tree of immortality because of the long aerial roots that hang down to the soil thus starting another part of the tree .
It can grown in to the giant tree covering several sectors .It grows height more than 21 meters and lives for many years .
The leaves are 10 to 20 cm long  ,broad ,oval ,glossy and has many aerial roots .White milky fluid oozes out of leaves if broken . The banyan tree  contains  several phytonutrients like ketones ,flavonoids ,sterols ,tigilic acid ,phytosterolin ,oentacylic ,triterpenes ,bergaptene ,furocoumarin ,qucertin ,rutin ,tannins ,inositol ,glactose ,esters ,ficusin organic compounds and more powerful healing agent .
The leaf bark ,seeds and fig are used for the variety of diseases like diarrhea ,polyurea ,diabetes ,dental problem ,urinary problem etc  The fruits and juice are useful externally applied medicines for cuts ,buries ,sores and ulcers .
Fruits are used to lumbago ,tooth and gum aches ,diarrhea and dysentery .
The bark of this tree will help to reduce LDL cholesterol ,
Improves immune system  and Brain power .
Good for growing children ,children grow stronger and taller .

Half to 1 tea spoon of fruit powder with one glass of warm milk per day will help to improve skin color . 

A drops of latex of the banyan  tree  is mixed with milk is taken daily helps to cure bleeding piles .,female sterility ,leucorrhea ,teeth dis orders ,rheumatism  and skin dis orders .
Half to one teaspoon of banyan  fruit powder with 1 glass of boiled and warm milk regularly will help  the children  to grow tall and stronger .
skin color will improve .
It controls premature ejaculation in sex and improve sperm density among men .
Helps to cure irregular periods , uterus problems in  women.
It also lift up the breast  in women and make them look attractive
 Removes wrinkles in skin to make you look younger .
The  bark and seed powder will help to treat diabetes , body heat,and depression ,warts ,hemorrhoids , bacterial ,fungal infections ,vaginal infections .prevents colds , flu and other infectious diseases .



 Research studies shows that regular intake of tomato juice will give incredibly beneficial effect on your health .They provide the body with a tremondous amount of vitamins ,minerals ,phyto nutrients  such as vitamin A ,vitamin K ,vitamin B1 ,B 3 ,B 4 ,B 5 ,B 6 ,B 7 ,vitamin C ,iron ,potassium ,chromium ,magnesium ,zinc ,choline ,phospharous ,folate , dietary fiber and antioxidant lycopene .Low cost and easily available every where .

it helps to
- Reduce the risk  heart diseases because of its lycopene ,nacin ,potassium ,and B 6 content . 
-  Prevents  the formation of kidney and gal bladder stones . 
- Improves the digestive system  ,function of liver and prevents constipation .
- Promotes healthy hair growth and gives luster hair . 
- Improves over all appearance of the skin ,,reduce acne ,and prevents skin cell damage .
- Promotes healthy bones .
- Protects eye vision and degenerative eye diseases because of its beta carotene ,lutein  and zeaxanthanin .
- Reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer
- Prevents type 2 diabetes and reduce the insulin resistance .

- Prevents stroke.
- improves the immunity power
- Reduce the LDL   ( Low Density Lipo protein ) cholesterol .
- Reduce the risk of blood clots 
- Prevents diarrhea and common infections because it is a natural anti septic .