Clapping your hands is very simple ,effective and best way to reach and maintain good health of our body .A clap represents joy and keep us healthy .Clapping your hands is usually a way to express happiness and to show appreciation .Clapping hands is a fun .Today almost every one claps continuously at almost all public occasions for sports ,music , ,encourages some one ,singing bajana in temple.The World Heath Organisation confirmed ,the clapping is a best exercise for cures many chronic diseases .While clapping 39 acupressure points and reflection areas of our body organs and six meridians of the body will be stimulated.
 Make a clap for 10 to 15 minutes daily for better health.Before clapping  one should apply coconut oil or any other oil on the palm so that it will be absorbed by the body .While clapping the fingers of one hand should strike the fingers of the other hand  ,one hand  palm should touches the palm of other hand .
- Clapping hands fights stress and improves the blood circulation of the body .
- It also helps to cure irritation and insominia .
- It also removes obstacles in the veins and arteries.
- It helps to reduce bad cholesterol .(LDL)
- It helps to relieve the diseases like heart diseases ,asthma ,diabetes ,depression ,common cold ,hypertension ,headaches ,arthritis ,insominia , back pain ,neck pain and hair loss could be cured by clapping .
 - It gives relaxation and  happiness.
- It boost immune system of the body .
- It helps to improve the functions of nerves .
- It helps to sharpens the  brain  of children and motor development.
 - It strengthens the heart , kidney  and lungs .
This is the best way for curing chronic diseases .Make clap daily for 10 to 15 minutes is very good for keeping better health.  

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