Syzygium jambolanum is used in homeopathy treatment for controlling type 2 diabetes .It has an antidiabetic effects ,improving insulin action through activation of insulin signaling molecules in skeletal  molecule of type 2 diabetes .It is very good medicine for diabetes ,no other medicine causes in so marked degree diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine .Syzygium jambolanum -Q is a most useful and effective remedy in diabetes with symptoms like frequent urination and large amount of urine  ,great thirst ,itching ,red pimples in the skin  and diabetic ulceration . It is effectively replace the need for drugs like metformin .There no side effects with this homeopathic medicine .
 This syzygium jambolanum -Q ( mother tincture )is administered at suitable intervels in diabetes the blood sugar is comes down normal level and the urine remains free of sugar .Powder of dried whole fruit or just kernal is used to prepare a mother tincture in homeopathic method .In homeopathic materia medica described as the most useful and immediate remedy for manage the blood sugar levels .Homeopathy is one of the most wide spread alternative system of medicine .Many homeopathic practitioners prescribing syzygiunm jambolanum -Q for controlling type 2  diabetes .
Syzygium cumini is a ever green tree found in all over the world .The fruit of this tree is called jambul ,jambolan ,jamblang . In telugu this fruit is called neredu kaya .In tamil it is called novel palam .sygygium jambolinum -Q is available at homeopathic medical shops .