Alfalfa is a common flowering , perennial and medicinal herb that originated in Asia  and first cultivated in Persia . Now it is cultivated world wide countries .The binomial name of this Alfalfa is medicago sativa belongs to the family of fabaceae .
 It is also known as lucerne flower . It grows well in drought like climates and its roots have ability to go up to 5 meter deep in soil .It was the first herb known to man . It is normally lives four to eight years but it can live more than 20 years .It is widely grown for the animal fodder .It is an excellent hay for herbivores .
It is highly nutritious ,good natural source of nitrogen which is good for improving soil and extensive root system .It contains numerous amount nutrients like vitamin A , vitamin B complex like B1 ,B2 ,B6 ,B12 , vitamin C , vitamin E and  vitamin K ,minerals like calcium ,magnesium ,potassium ,phosphorus ,silicon ,sodium ,zinc ,copper ,iron ,molybdenum ,manganese ,sulphur ,folates ,protein and amino acids like lysine ,valine leucine ,isoleucine and L - canavanine .
Extract of this herb is used in curing many diseases  ,used as a general tonic in homeopathic system of medicines , herbal and natural system of medicines . Traditionally it is one of the best herb for treating many ailments .Alfalfa sprouts are easily available in herbal shops ,super market in food section .we can make a  tea from this sprouts . 
It helps to 
- Fighting against  type 2 diabetes 
- Heals peptic ulcer and all digestive problems .
-  Normal blood clotting because of  its vitamin K content .
- Regaining the health.
- Good tonic for liver ,kidney ,digestive organs ,grandular and musculoskeletal systems .
- Cure enlarged prostate glands 
- Good for pregnancy and  breast feeding 
- Fight against  all types of cancer 
- Lowers the blood cholesterol levels 
- Prevents heart disease 
- Reduce high blood pressure 
- Good for parkinson,s disease 
- Prevents stroke 
- Cure thyroid problem 
- Good for epilepsy 
- Prevents glaucoma 
- Very good to treat asthma ,anemia and body odor 
- Clears the blood ,liver and bowel .
- Good for hair loss 
- Good for skin dis orders 
- Curing kidney problems 
-Boost immune system 
- Good for arthritis ,gout ,rheumatism ,fatique ,estrogen deficiency and  ,osteoporosis .
- Good to treat short sightedness .
- Fight against leukemia .
- For growth and weight gain of the body .

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