Today is world heart day take the path to a healthy heart.Heart is one of the vital organ in our body it is so unique for its function .A organ weighed about 250 g -300 g like a human fist.A healthy life style will make your heart stronger.
  "SAVE YOUR HEART"through natural methods.
-Have a heart friendly diet like fruits ,vegetables ,whole grains,fish,unsaturated fats,limit sodium,fiber rich foods ,low fat diary products ,protein rich food like pulses.
-Omega 3 fatty acids are good for our heart.
-Be active,do brisk walking for 40 minutes or a regular moderate exercise it is the gift for our heart because it will keep our blood cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure in normal levels. 
-Be free from stress,anxiety ,anger , depression,loneliness because they are the enemies for our heart.
-Avoid smoking,liquor and tobacco for healthy heart.
-Happiness is the good mentor for our heart.
Add your regular diet with food stuffs like spinach, drum stick leaves ,mint leaves,coriander  leaves, curry  leaves,  all beans varieties,garlic ,onion,pepper,ginger, blue berries,grapes, orange,apple,pine apple,banana,amla ,oats, barely ,wheat,corn. Bengal gram ,peas,soya bean ,walnuts, almonds,fish and olive oil.  





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