DU -20
 DU -20 or GV-20 Governing vessel acupressure point is a very important and highest point of the body .DU-20 is the meeting point of all the yang meridian in the body . The yang , in acupressure theory represents the energetic and extrovertic aspects of a person .The chinese name of this point is bhaihui. DU -20 or bhaihui is also known as hundred meetings point . It refers to the convergence of all the yang meridians in the body .The governing vessel meridian or DU meridian controls the yang forces of the body  which in the chinese acupressure theory related to consciousness and senses .It is also used to treat one hundred diseases .This point is located on the top of the head .If you place a finger at the top of the each ear and follow an imaginary line upwards ,where your two fingers converge that place is Du-20 acupressure point .
    This point is often used in the treatment of headaches ,dizziness ,depression ,visual disorders ,vertigo ,tinnitus ,coma ,mental disorders ,nasal obstruction ,aphasia ,prolapse of the rectum of uterus ,poor memory , epilepsy ,hypertension ,fear ,loss of memory ,insomnia ,sadness ,crying and improving the functions of endocrine glands .
Press  this point with your thump in the press and release manner for one minute .This will help you to 
-  clears the mind .
- It stimulate and sharpen the brain .It will improve the memory power .
- It will make a person more alert and improve the creativity of the mind .
- It raises the emotional energy .
- It increase the vital force of the body 
- It tonifies the yang energy 
- It strengthens the spleen and improve its function .
- It increases the blood flow to the brain .
- It helps to prevent uterine cramping during pregnancy .
- It is an excellent point for back pain caused by poor posture .
- It will help to remove the insomnia . 
-It will improve the general health of the body .
- It will improve the functions of endocrine glands  .
Press this point regularly for healthy living .

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