"Sarva " means all ,"Anga" means limb or body .Sarvanga means the entire body or all the limbs .The whole body benefits from this asana ,so it is called sarvangasana. 
Steps to do 
- Lie down on the back with legs and arms straight .
- Feet should be together and palms on the floor beside the body .
- Slowly raise the both legs .
- Lift the trunk ,hip and legs quite vertically .
- Support the back with the two hands ,one on each side  .
- Rest the elbows on the ground .
- Press the chin against the chest and form a chin lock firmly .
- Allow the back ,shoulder ,and neck to touch the ground .
- Keep the legs straight without shaking .
- Breathing should be normal .
- Stay it for 2 to 3 minutes and then come back to normal position .
- Repeat this for 2 to 3 times .
Benefits of this asana 
-This is very good asana for thyroid gland. It stimulate and regulate the functions of  the thyroid and para thyroid glands .It helps to remove the thyroid problems .
- It improves the activities of reproductive organs in both men and women .
- It helps to relieving the dyspepsia ,bronchitis,varicose vein ,epilepsy ,anemia ,asthma ,gastrointestinal disorders ,constipation and blood pressure.
- It improves the blood circulation to the brain and improves the functions of the brain .
- It helps to activate the all inner organs like liver ,kidney ,pancreas ,intestines ,gall bladder and endocrine glands like pituitary ,pineal ,adrenal glands of the body .
- It helps to healthy functioning of nervous system ,circulatory system ,respiratory system of the body .

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