Acupressure is an ancient chinese  healing method that involves applying pressure with the fingers on certain acupressure points of the body .You can do yourself to promote health ,relieving emotional problems and prevent diseases .It is a painless therapy that can help in recovery from emotional problems like anxiety ,fear , anger ,palpitations ,insomnia ,tension and stress .These emotional problems affect the entire body and our way of life .
 H-7 Acupressure point
 H-7 and P-6 are the two strongest ,very useful and important acupressure point on the heart and pericardium meridian . The function of both points compliment one another and they are easy to press at the same time .Acupressure will give instant relief from emotional problems .
Location of the H-7 acupressure point 
 It is in the groove on the ulnar tip of the wrist which is shown in the figure .Apply pressure with your thumb at the point where your wrist forms a wrist crease with your hand  for one minute with press and release manner .This encourages relaxation ,stay healthy ,happy ,calm and a clear focused mind .This  is very good point for relieving tension .
Location of the P-6 acupressure point 
 Starting from the wrist ,measure down with three fingers width,where your third finger touches the middle of your wrist is the P-6 acupressure point .Apply pressure with your thump for 1 minute 
Do this to both wrists and you will feel relaxed , happy and relieve from all  emotional problems . This point is very good for nausea and vomiting .
  P-6 Acupressure point

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