Bell pepper or sweet pepper is the most popular of chili peppers in the genus of capsicum .It is  small shrub belongs solanaceae family .Bell pepper is  native to mexico and  central america region from all over the world by Spanish .They are bell shaped with crunchy ,thick and fleshy texture .The color can be red ,green yellow and more rarely in dark purple colors .It is packed with lot of nutrients which gives more health benefits .
- Bell peppers are low in calories and fat .100 grams of bell peppers will provides just 30 to 40 calories.
- It is rich in vitamin C ,which is water soluble antioxidant ,protect from scurvy ,boost immunity  , helps for iron absorption and fifght against scavange  harmful ,pro -inflammatory free radicals from the body .
- It has anti bacterial ,anti carcinogenic ,anti analgesic and anti diabetic properties .
- It is also found to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood .
- It contains very good source of vitamin A .100 grams of bell peppers will provide 3131 micro grams ,which is very good for eyes -  It contains antioxidants and flavonoids such as Beta carotenes ,lutein ,zea-xanthin ,and cryptoxanthathin which help the body from free radicals generated during stress and diseased condition .
- It is good source of vitamin B6 ( phyridoxin ).vitamin B2  ( riboflavin ),vitamin B1 ( thiamine) which are very essential for the celluar metabolism through various enzymatic functions .
- It is having dietary fiber which is is help to proper functioning of digestive system ,free from constipation ,risk of heart diseases ,type 2 diabetes ,develop hemorrdoids ,lose and manage the  proper weight 
- It contains some minerals like iron ,copper ,potassium ,zinc ,manganese ,selenium and magnesium .Iron which helps to form RBC ( red blood cells ) and increase hemoglobin levels in the blood .Manganese and selenium is an antioxidant micro minerals that acts as a co factor for enzyme and proper functioning of endocrine glands .
You can prepare many dishes from bell peppers ,
 You can add this bell peppers on your diet for healthy living .

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