Ginkgo biloba is  one of the oldest tree cultivated in china .This tree is called national tree of china and  it is called official tree of Japanese capital of Tokyo .The ginkgo leaf is the symbol of the urasenke school of Japanese tea ceremony .Ginkgo nuts are used in congee and are often served at special occasion such as wedding and the Chinese new year .This is the part of vegetarian dish called Buddha,s delight .The other names of this tree is maiden hair tree ,kew tree ,yinkuo and Japnesh silver apricot .

Extracts of gingo leaves contains flavonoid glycosides like myricetin and quercetin ,terpenoids like ginkgolides ,bilobalides  ,carotenoids ,gingolic acid ,ascorbic acid ,amino acid -6- hydroxzyknuroic acid ,ginkgotin ,isoginkgotin and proanthocyrnidins . It is mainly used for improving memory and concentration ,and anti vertigo agent .It has lot of medicinal properties .
Many research studies revels that 
- Ginkgo extract is mainly used for memory , concentration  enhancer  and vertigo agent .
-  Ginkgo  extract is very good  for  treating blood disorders , improving in blood circulation to most tissues and organ protection against oxidative blackage of platelet aggregation ,blood clotting have been related to number of cardiovascular diseases ,,renal ,respiratory and nervous disorders . 
- The active antioxidant present in ginkgo extract called flavonoids and terpenoids that have been found to improve the blood circulation by widening the blood vessels . 
 -It is very good for treating   memory loss , dementia ,depression ,respiratory disorders ,asthma ,cough .wheezing ,intestinal worms ,tinnitus ,vertigo and gonorrhea also .
- Ginkgo extract is a possible natural medicine for treating and preventing alzheimer,s disease .
- It helps to supply more O2 to the brain .
- Ginkgo stem and bark is useful for inflammatory and metabolic disorders .
- It lowers the blood pressure .
- It helps to prevent the growth of free radicals in the body .
- It helps to prevent the ovarian cancer .
- It helps to prevent the glaucoma and macular degeneration of the eyes .
- It helps to treat premenstrual syndrome .
- It helps to prevent stroke and multiple sclerosis .

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