The popular ,delicious ,highly nutritious ,tasty and healthy nuts are native to Brazil,s Amazon rain forest today it is cultivated many parts of the world .Cashew tree is an average size tropical evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family of genus Anacardium . It grows high as 14 meters .Cashew nuts are actually the kidney shaped nuts that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apples the fruit of the tree .Nigeria is the world largest producer of cashew nuts .Cashew nuts are more effective nuts than any other nuts .

  They are packed with soluble dietary fiber ,vitamins , protein ,unsaturated fats ,minerals like calcium ,phosphorus , copper ,zinc ,manganese ,iron ,magnesium  and numerous health promoting phytochemicals that helps to protect from diseases and all types cancers .Many research studies shows that 
- Cashew nuts are rich in heart friendly monounsaturated fats ,poly unsaturated fats ,palmitic acid and stearic acid ,it helps to lower the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL)and also its prevents the coronary artery diseases and stroke by favoring healthy blood profile  .
- This helps for metabolism of protein ,fat and carbohydrates at cellular levels ,because it contains vitamin B 1 ( thiamine )  ,B 2 ( riboflavin ) , B 5  ( pantothenic acid )  and B 6 ( pyridoxine ).
- Because of its copper and zinc content it regulates the growth and ,development ,sperm generation ,digestion and nucleic acid synthesis .
- It gives more energy and strength  because they are high in calories ,100 grams cashew nuts provides 550 calories .
- It helps to regulate the thyroid function because of its selenium content .Selenium is an important micro nutrient for the functions of the body .
- It helps to regulate the nerve function and muscle tone because of its magnesium content .
- It helps for healthy bones because of its calcium content .
- It helps to prevents gall stone formation .
- It gives glowness to the skin because of its vitamin E content .
- Take hand full of cashew nuts  daily will help to prevent cancer .
Cashew nuts are used for snacks ,preparing sweets ,garnishing food items and thickening agent for soups ,meat stews and some milk based desserts .Cashew fruits are used to make beverages like penny .Add this highly nutritious nuts on your daily diet .

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