The delicious and highly nutritious nungu or ice apple is  the  tender fruit of palmyra tree .palmyra trees are tall palms capable of growing up to 30 meters height . It is the official tree of Tamil Nadu . It is a native to south and southeast Asia .We can see this tree in Vietnam ,Indonesia ,Thailand ,Java ,Pakistan and other southeast Asian countries .The leaves are long hard and fan shaped 2 to 3 meters in length .The flowers are small in densely clustered spikes flowed by the large brown collective roundish fruits .This fruit is translucent jelly and due its cooling effects it is called ice apple . The juicy fruit is called nungu in Tamil ,thati munjalu in telugu ,thatti nungu in kannada .This fruit is available during the summer season .It contains essential nutrients like B complex vitamins like thiamine ,riboflavin , niacin ,vitamin C ,vitamin A  ,iron ,potassium ,calcium ,zinc  ,dietary fiber and phytochemicals .In Tamil Nadu the seeds of the palmyra trees are planted and made to germinate and the fleshy stems below the surface are boiled and eaten .It is highly nutritious and fiber rich called  as panangkizhangu .palm sugars are prepared from palm trees is having highly medicinal value used in ayurveda and siddha .The leaves are used for thatching mats ,baskets ,hats ,umbrellas and decorative items .
- It has low calories and gives more energy ,helpful for weight reduction .
- It  is a natural coolant for the body, helps to cools the body during summer and removes  and keep away the prickly heat boils .
- It has a phytochemical anthocyanin which helps to inhibits the growth of tumors and breast cancer cells .
- It helps to  improve the digestion and helps to cure  the digestive problems .
- It is very good for treating nausea ,vomiting and also warm infestations .
- Pulp of this fruit is known to cure a number of inflammatory conditions of the skin .
- It is rich in potassium and low sodium that helps to control the blood pressure and very good for heart .
- It is very good for white discharge in women .
- It is an excellent food for pregnant women ,for their digestion ,constipation and acidity problems .
- It is very good for  the chicken pox and measles patients .
- The fresh sap  is used as a tonic ,laxative for treating ulcers and liver problems .
- Toddy ( a sugary sap ) derived from the tree ,after some times it gets fermented and becomes a mild alcoholic beverage ,it is low in fat and highly nutritious .
- It is a good appetizer .
- It is good for anemia .
- It clears out  the toxins from our body .
It is an excellent food for summer .


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