Steam inhalation therapy with essential oils or some  medicinal herbs is a simple ,very useful ,effective and traditional home remedy for sinus headaches , sinus congestion , ,common cold ,bronchitis ,influenza and other respiratory aliments due to allergies and asthma .
Needed ingredients 
1 . Eucalyptus oil 
2  . Camphor oil           ( OR )
3 . Tincture benzoin 
 Medicinal herbs like 
-  Nochchi leaves 
- Thumbai leaves 
-  Eucalyptus leaves 
- Adathoda leaves 
- Turmeric powder 
- Boil the water in a proper container until it steams .
- Turn off the heat and remove the container ,keep it on the table holder .
- Add 3 to 5 drops of  above said essential oils to the water .
- Cover your head with clean towel or bed sheet and inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes .
Instead of this essential oils you can add the above said  herbs to the container add some water to it and allow it for boiling until it steams and turn off the heat and remove the container  ,keep it on the table holder ,cover your face with towel or bed sheet ,inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes .Add these herbs alone or combined the above said herbs .You can have this steam inhalation twice a day for quick relief from cold ,sinus infections and headaches .

Instead of this you can use steam inhaler containers which are available in the market .You can have steam inhalation through steam inhalers by using camphor oil ,eucalyptus oil and tincture Benzoin .

Benefits of steam inhalation 

- It helps to clear your sinuses ,bronchial and other respiratory infections .
- It helps to removes the symptoms of cold and flu .
- It removes the mucus from your lungs .
- It clears your skin and improve complexion .
- It helps to alleviate the pain in face and headaches .
- It helps to improve the immunity power .
- It helps to remove the toxins from our body .
- It helps to improve the blood circulation .
- It can calm your mind and spirit .


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