Mahogany seeds
Mahogany seeds are come from mahogany trees that grows in almost all the tropical areas of the world .These trees are distantly related to ginseng and Neem tree .Mahogany seeds are widely available ,often in capsule form as a dietary supplement .Mahogany seeds contains 33 types of flavonoids  ,27 types of saponins  ,antioxidants ,enzymes ,vitamins ,protein , carbohydrates ,fatty acids ,and minerals .The seeds are very bitter in taste because its high content of bitter alkaloids .
Benefits of the mahogany seeds are 
- Lowers the cholesterol 
- Regulates the blood sugar levels 
- Boost immunity 
- Reduces the high blood pressure 
- Improves the blood circulation 
- Prevent the cardiovascular disease and stroke .
- Help to get rid of plaque formation in the heart .
- Great for treating hepatitis C .
- Great healer for gastric ulcers .
- Ability in reducing pain ,bleeding ,bruising and the fluid retention that result from tissue injuries .
- Prevents all types of cancer .
- Revitalize the sex drive 
- Revitalize energy .
- Increase pregnancy rate .
- Increase strength 
- Reactivate the body cells .
- Prevents aging 
- prevents Tumor growth 
-  Removes constipation 
-  Good for Secretion disorder 
- Remove pimples and blisters .
- Give beauty skin 
-Replenish blood  and strengthen arteries  
-Restore the healthy brain .
- Good for liver disease , diabetes ,heart disease ,kidney disease ,malaria asthma ,Alzheimer disease ,menstrual problem ,rheumatic pain  and impotency .

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