Garlic is one of the greatest gift of nature that found in earth .Garlic has been used  all over the world as a food and medicine for thousands of years . It is best known as a flavoring for food . It is belongs to the onion genus Allium and it is closely related to the onion .China is the largest producer of garlic .Sulphur compounds and volatile oils are the responsible for its pungent smell .Garlic is having amazing health benefits 
Garlic contains ,selenium ,phosphorus ,copper ,calcium ,manganese ,sodium , potassium ,soluble and in soluble dietary fiber ,vitamins like B6 ,C ,A ,and E ,amino acids ,fatty acids  ,natural sulphur compounds ,water ,and antioxidants .
- Garlic helps to control bacterial ,viral ,fungal ,and worm infections ,because of its anti bacterial ,anti viral ,and anti fungal property .   -  - Allicin found in the garlic is having antioxidant property .
- It prevents blood clots in the body because of its anti clotting properties of ajoene found in the garlic .
-It helps to protect our heart against cardiovascular problems like hardening of the arteries ,heart attacks because of anti clotting properties of ajoene found in the garlic .
- It helps to reduce and regulate the high blood pressure .
- It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol  and triglycerides .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol .
- It helps to reduce and prevent the arterial plaque formation .
- It is very good remedy for cough ,cold ,asthma ,bronchitis  ,sinus congestion ,allergic rhinitis and other respiratory problems .
- It helps the body to fight against allergies because of its anti allergic property .
- It is very good for diabetes ,it increases the insulin secretion and regulate the blood sugar levels .
-Garlic extract is very effective against warts and corns .
- It prevents all types of cancer .
- It helps to improve the iron metabolism .
- It helps to reduce the toothaches  because of its analgesic property - It boosts immune system of the body .
- It helps to reduce weight because it is having low calories .
- It is a natural antibiotic ,it fight against all infectious diseases 
- It has been used to treat enlargement of prostate gland .
- It helps to improve the liver function .
- It helps to reduce the gas formation and stomach pain .
- It helps to reduce the inflammation and pain in osteoarthritis .
- It helps to get rid off acne .
- It helps to regulate the thyroid function .
Garlic pills  and garlic extracts are available in the market.

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