Onion is one of staple and oldest cultivated vegetable ,found in every kitchen .It has a curative and medicinal property .It belongs to the lily family .onions contains lot of nutrients like vitamin B1 (thiamine),vitamin B6 (phyridoxin ),biotin ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,chromium ,calcium ,folic acid ,potassium ,low sodium ,sulphur compounds , dietry fibers ,amino acids ,flavonoids and anti oxidants .Qnions are available in various sizes .Onions are having alliinase which is released when an onion is cut or crushed and it causes your eyes to water .
- Onions are  having antiseptic ,antibiotic ,anti inflammatory anti microbial , and immune enhancing  property .
-It is the richest dietary source of quercitin ,it helps to lowers the LDL  cholesterol ,triglycerides and  high blood pressure .
- It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol in the blood .
- It helps to prevent blood clotting .
- It helps to destroy the E.coli bacteria (which cause stomach ulcers)  and salmonella  typhi bacteria (which cause typhoid fever ) because of its antibacterial activity .
-It helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body .
- It is very good remedy for cough ,cold ,sore throat and fever .(have onion juice with honey for cold and cough )
- It helps to cure the bleeding piles .
- It helps to increase the digestive juices thus helps to have good digestion .
- It is very effect for diabetes ,it helps to increase the insulin secretion,  lowers the insulin resistance and lowers the blood sugar levels .
- It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of joints in the conditions of an arthritis .
- It helps to reduce the tooth decaying and acute tooth aches .
- It helps to reduce the blurred vision .
- It helps to improves sperm count and sperm motility .
-It fight against asthma ,bronchitis ,hay fever ,diabetes ,atherosclerosis ,other infectious diseases and stomach cancer .
- Onions contains amino acids methion and cystine they are good at detoxifying our body from heavy metals .
- It helps to enhance the immune system of the body .
- It helps to improve the functions of liver .
- It helps to over come the anemia ,it helps produce RBC. 
We can take this onion as a raw and cooked form .

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