The edible ,cheep and highly nutritious horse gram is a kind of bean commonly used in many south Indian states ,native to India .It is grown mostly under dry land agriculture .This seeds are used for culinary and medicinal purposes .It is consumed as a whole seed ,as a sprout or as a whole meal  popularly in south Indian states .Horse gram recipes are kollu chuntney ,kollu rasam ,kollu sundal ,kollu poriyal ,kollu dosa ,kollu ada  ,kollu iddly are delicacies in Tamil Nadu .In Andhra state ullavacharu is famous dish from this legume . This is also used as a  food  for cattle horse .Biological name of this legume is macrotyloma uniflorum .Kollu in tamil ,Ulavalu in Telugu ,Kulthi in Hindi ,Muthira in Mlayalam .
 Horse gram is rich  in molybdenum ,iron ,calcium ,potassium ,good amount of protein ,amino acids ,arginines ,tryosain ,lysine ,poly phenols ,antioxidants ,flavonoids and dietary fiber .Indian alternative system of medicine Ayurveda used this legume for the treatment of various diseases .
Many research studies shows that benefits of the horse gram are  

  • Good for diabetic patients because of its anti diabetic property 

- Ability to reduce postprandial  blood sugar levels by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates and reduce the insulin resistance by inhibiting  the protein tyrosine phosphate 1 beta enzyme .
- Regular in take of this legume will reduce obesity .
- Preventing body cells from oxidative damage from free radicals .
- Relief from cough ,cold ,asthma and respiratory disorders .
- Stimulate thyroid gland 
- Reduce  the blood cholesterol levels 
- Prevents heart diseases 
- It  is an astrigent , antioxidant and diuretic ,useful for  diarrhea ,constipation ,piles ,leucorrhoea , bleeding during pregnancy ,menstrual disorders ,digestive problems ,spleen enlargement  ,liver enlargement ,kidney stone rheumatism , gall stone ,jaundice ,urinary disorders  and hypertension .  
Weight reduction recipe 
Take 30 to 40 grams of horse gram wash it well  ,add 3 glasses of water to it ,boil  it to make  a half ,strain the water from that ,add a  spinch of asafoetida and salt ,mix it well and then have this  mixture in an empty stomach in the morning .Regular intake of this  mixture will reduce your weight without no side effects .

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