Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis commonly known as hibiscus flower is widely grown as ornamental plant in all continents except Antarctica. It is also called Chinese rose and shoe flower and also sembaruthi in tamil. It is a shrub that can grow upto 8-15 feets. Many hybrid varieties with vivid colors like white, red, orange, pink, yellow are available. Red hibiscus with 5 petals is the national flower of Malaysia and its picture is minted on the Malaysian ringgit.

This flower has medicinally important active constituents including steroids, flavenoids, alkanoids, tannin, carotene, thyamine, riboflovin, nyacin and ascorbic acid. This has many medicinal uses. It is a good remedy without any harmful side effects and of least cost which has been used in siddha, ayurvedha and unani medical systems for many years.

  • It regulates the mensturation and it cures menorrhea.
  • It lowers the high BP and prevents heart diseases.
  • It stimulates the blood circulation in our body.
  • It is also used for fertility control and hair growth.
  • Since it has hypoglycemic activity, it reduces the blood sugar level.
  • It is a good tonic for brain.
  • It lower the total cholesterol level and triglycerides in the blood.
  • It prevents cancers through chemo-preventive activity.
  • It has anti-bacterial activity.
This flower everywhere in the form of fresh flower or powder in herbal stores. Tea can be prepared from 2-3 fresh flowers and 1 glass water boiled together to half a glass and filtered. Add milk and sugar to this filtrate to make the tea. Otherwise tea can be made from powder too. The tea is popular as a natural diuretic rich in vitamin C traditionally used as a mild medicine. Leaves and flowers are ground into a fine paste with little water, this paste can be used as shampoo and conditioner. The flowers are used to make hair oil for hair growth.  

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