Accupressure Reflexology

According to accupressure principle, the accupressure points that control inner organs of our body lies in the palm and foot. The nerves ends at the fingers and toes. The points that have been mapped in the below pictures having the number indicated represents the body organ related functions.
Right inner foot 

Left Innerfoot

Right Palm

Left Palm
Accupressure Points as marked in the figure 
  1. Brain
  2. Memory related nerves 
  3. Pituitary Gland
  4. Pineal Gland
  5. Head
  6. Throat
  7. Neck
  8. Thyroid and Parathyroid
  9. Spinal Cord
  10. Piles
  11. Prostate gland 
  12. Male Organ
  13. Female Organ
  14. Uterus
  15. Testes
  16. Lymph gland
  17. Hip and knee joints
  18. Urinary Bladder
  19. Intestines
  20. Rectum
  21. Appendix
  22. Gallbladder
  23. Liver
  24. Shoulder
  25. Pancreas
  26. Kidney
  27. Stomach
  28. Adrenal gland
  29. Solar Plexus
  30. Lungs
  31. Ears
  32. Skin
  33. Ear nerves
  34. Nose
  35. Eyes
  36. Heart
  37. Spleen
  38. Thymus glands
  39. Sinus gland
Press the above mentioned points which are present in the foot and palm with your thumb in the manner of press and release for a total time of 15 minutes twice a day for the proper functioning of the corresponding organs. This can be done by ourselves for us without any
  • side-effects
  • free of cost and 
  • simple method to be healthy 
Pressing these points regularly will help
  • enhancing the immune system of our body
  • better blood circulation
  • proper function of endocrine glands
  • feel brisk always
  • getting good sound sleep
  • getting appetite and thirst
  • improving self-confidence
  • prevent the diseases from attacking us. 

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