This herb is known as the hawthorn belongs to the family of rosaceae native to temperate regions of the northern parts of Europe ,Asia and North america .Cratagus species are small trees mostly growing to 5 to 15 meters height with small  yellowish brown or red in color and oval shaped fruit with thorny branches  which develops in the areas along with damp environment around the world .Many species and hybrids are used as ornamental and street trees . 

This herb is a popular heart tonic for thousands of years and still known as the most effective herb for treating heart diseases .  Mother tincture is prepared from this plant  in the homeopathic system of medicine for treating cardiovascular diseases  .This herb is having powerful antioxidants and therapeutic valve .Many research studies shows that it  helps to
- Improve the heart muscles and its circulation by dilating the coronary arteries .
- it lowers the feeling of chest tightness and high blood pressure .
- reduce the high blood cholesterol levels especially in LDL ( low density cholesterol ) cholesterol .
- controls and regulate the production of cholesterol from the liver .
- relaxing  and dilating arteries 
- increasing blood circulation and oxigen to the heart .
- maintaining  healthy blood vessels  ,normal heart rate  and normal blood pressure levels .
- reduce the risk of heart attacks  and strokes .
- treating insomnia 
- used for throat pain as a gargle .
- reduce the problem of menopause period .
- raise the functions of the ovaries .
- prevents  the liver disorders .
-alleviate the stress ,sleep disorders ,and pain 
-It is having a  antioxidants like oligomeric ,proanthocyanidins ,quercetin and bio flavonoids  in large quantity because of this antioxidant property it gives protection to the heart .

- reduce the risk of heart attacks ,stroks 

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