According to the International Diabetes Federation ( IDF ) , 285 million people are having diabetes in worldwide .India is the country with most  people with diabetes ,50 .8 million people are having diabetes in currently .IDF  is a non governmental organisation with in official relations with World Health Organisation and associated to the United Nations Department of public information .

World diabetes day is celebrated every year the month of November 14 th since in 1991  by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organisation ,marks the birth day of Frederick Banting who along with Charles Best ,first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922 .Giving education with diabetes and  alarming the rise of diabetes ,health care professional public awareness campaigns , the promotion and exchange of information  to the people around the world .

Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented .It is an autoimmune disorder in which the body destroys its own insulin producing pancreatic beta cells .They need insulin injections to survive .90 to 95 % of the type 2 diabetes can be prevented .both type 1 and 2 diabetes cause a serious health threat ,it leads to cause blindness ,heart attacks ,strokes ,neuropathy and kidney failuer .

People with diabetes should check their blood sugar levels frequently and keep in control .They should take balanced healthy and nutritious diet ,regular medications ,split their diet to eat  ,instead of  3 times have 5 times per day  , this will help the diabetic  patient to keep blood sugar levels normal .
- Maintain normal body weight .
- Do exercises  like walking ,swimming ,cycling and dancing for 40 to 1 hour ,weekly 5 days  .
- Take more low calories and fiber rich food stuffs like fenugreek greens  ,drumstick greens ,coriander greens ,curry leaves ,broccoli ,spinach ,fruits like lemon , passion fruit ,jamun fruit , ,kiwi fruit ,guva ,blue berries ,omega 3 fatty acids rich foods like olive oil ,fish  and walnuts , vegetables like garlic ,onion ,ivy gourd ,bitter gourd ,cucumber ,fresh beans ,soy beans ,whole grains ,germinated grains and pulses .
- Do some simple yogasanas like bujangaasana ,dhanuraasana ,sarvangasana,pachimothasana ,ekapadhasana and chararasan  for 15 to 20 minutes weekly 5 days .
- Do meditation and relaxing your body for 15 v to 20 minutes daily - Do breathing exercise for 5 to 10 minutes .
- Press your hand and foot for 5 to 10 minutes acupressure reflexlogy points are present in your hand and foot .
- limit your alcholol intake 
- avoid smoking 
- check your risk of diabetes 
- control blood pressure and cardiovascular problems 
- Reduce anxiety and stress .
- clapping your hands for 5 to 10 minites a day 
- laughing is very good for preventing diabetes .
- Take more natural foods 
- reduce junk ,processed ,fried and high fatty foods .
These things are very helpful to prevent diabetes .Prevent diabetes for long and happy life .

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