The colorful food stuffs like fruits and vegetables are not only appetising but also it is very good  for total health of our body.Each color is related to different phytochemicals that has more health benefits . Phytonutrients are super nutrients and disease fitting chemicals which are responsible for giving color to the fruits and vegetables .Flavonoids ,isoflavones ,carotenoids ,allylsulfidy and polyphenols are some phytochemicals present in the fruits and vegetables . Phytochemicals may strengthen the immune system of the body ,help your body against cancer,controls high blood pressure ,prevent aging ,improves memory power ,maintain normal weight of the body ,gives strong bones and teeth,  it helps for good vision ,reduce the risk of type -2 diabetes , cholesterol ,cardiovascular diseases , stroke ,arthritis,psychological disorders ,and other infectious diseases. etc.
  The five color natural  food groups are 1. Red color food stuffs. 2.Green color food stuffs .3.White color food stuffs . 4.Orange and yellow color foods stuffs .5.Purple and blue color food stuffs.Each color group food stuffs provides  different nutrients that aid  your body in specific ways.Mix of red ,green, white ,orange ,yellow ,blue and purple color food stuffs provides a range of nutrients and may improve your over all health.
 1.Red color food stuffs
   These color fruits and vegetables contains lycopene and anthocyanins .this includes foods like tomatoes ,cherries ,watermelons ,beetroots ,red raddishes,red onions ,sweetpotatoes ,straberries,apple ,peach ,plumbs,red chillies , kidneybean ,apple ,kovappalam and pomegranate. These foods helps to improves the brain function , it prevent the heart diseases and  urinary tract diseases.

2. Green color food stuffs
        Green color fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant ,health promoting lutin and indoles .Foods includes green apple,kiwi ,green pepper ,spinach ,avocados ,mint leaves ,coriander leaves ,spring onions ,green beans ,cluster beans ,curry leaves ,cucumber ,drumsticks and drumsticks leaves ,all greens ,bitter gourd ,kovaikkai ,green gram ,green peas,green grapes .It strengthen the bones and teeth ,It help to prevent cataracts and age related muscular degeneration.

3.White color food stuffs 
 these color fruits and vegetables contains health promoting allicin .foods includes cauliflower ,garlic ,ginger ,turnip ,white radish ,mushrooms ,potatoes ,white onion .these food stuffs  have anti tumer effects ,and it will decrease the stomach cancers . it helps to reduce the cholesterol ,and prevent heart diseases.

4.Orange and yellow color food stuffs 
  Phytochemicals found in this group includes carotinoids and bioflavonoids  which help to maintain the immune system ,slow aging ,prevent heart diseases ,protect against cancer ,and improve the vision.these foods inculdes carrot ,banana,lemon ,orange ,ripened mango ,jack fruit ,yellow capsicum ,pine apple ,passion fruit and pumpkin .

5.Purple and blue color fruits and vegetables 
 This group foods contain phytochemicals like anthocyannins,phenolics.It reduce the risk of stroke ,cancers ,heart diseases ,as well as improve memory power ,promote healthy aging. foods inculdes purpple cabbage ,jamun fruit ,grapes ,manaththakkali fruit ,blue berries ,fig and brinjal .


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