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World vegetarian day is celebrated in all over the world since 1977 in the month of October 1st every year.The main aim is promote and help vegetarian way of life,educate people about health and social benefits of vegetarian diets and eliminate the animals foods from their diet.

  • Vegetarian diets are the healthiest overall.Vegetarian diets are increased the protection against health problems including all types of cancers ,type 2 diabetes,asthma,obesity,cardiovascular diseases,gall stones and total mortality.Vegetarian foods are low in calories,high in dietary fiber,low in saturated fat,essential vitamins,minerals,amino acids,plant protein ,phytochemicals,omega 3 fatty acids,omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Vegetarian diets prevents many types of cancers .
  • Animal diet contribute to many forms of cancer including cancer of colon,breast,ovaries and prostate. 
  • Animals diets are main source of saturated fats this will cause hardening of arteries in heart.
  • Vegetarian diets are rich in unsaturated fats and dietary fiber this will helps to prevents heart diseases and lowers the cholesterol.
  • Vegetarian diets are low in sodium high in potassium this will helps to lowers the high blood pressure and regulate the heart rate.
  • Vegetarian diets helps to prevent and reverse the type 2 diabetes.Insulin dependent diabetes may caused auto immune disease by animal foods.
  • Animal foods are high in cholesterol,animal protein,tend to cause the body to excrete more calcium,oxalateand uric acid these substances are main causes of gall stones and urinary stones. 
  • Best vegetarian diet are whole cereals like Ragi,foxtail millet or thinai,germinated cereals and pluses,pluses like soya bean ,peas,rajma,green gram,fruits like fig,dates papaya,pomegranate,avocado,guava,grapes, kiwi,lemon,oranges,blue berries,greens like spinach,fenugreek leaves,drumstick leaves,bitter gourd,banana stem,banana flower,ivy gourd,sundaikai,carrot,beet root,garlic,onion ,capsicum ,fortified cereals,soya milk ,coconut milk,pea nuts ,almonds,pistachio ,walnuts,cashew nuts mushrooms ,flax seeds,olive seeds,grape seeds,pumpkin seeds,cucumber seeds etc.You add these plant foods in your diet for disease free ,brisk ,happy long life.

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