Cloves are one of the highly prized spices widely recognized all over the world for its medcinal and culunary qualities .Syzygium aromaticum belongs to the family of myrtaceae of the genus syzygium native to Maluku  islands  of  Indonesia .Cloves are the unopened pink flower buds of the ever green clove tree .The buds are picked when they are pink and dried until they turn brown in color .The largest  producer of cloves   is Zanziber in east Africa .It is also grown commercially in the west Indies ,Srilanka ,Madagaskar ,India and Brazil.

Cloves are used in many traditional system of medicines like Ayurvedic system ,Chinese medicines ,herbal medicines and folk medicines .Cloves are  commonly known as cloves  , laung ,lavang in Hindi ,lavangam ,krambu in Tamil ,lavangalu in Telugu ,kariampo in Malayalam ,laving in Gujarati ,lobongo in Bengali ,long in Urudhu ,lavang in Marathi and Punjabi .

Cloves are having  many nutrients and other compounds like  vitamin A,B1 ,B2 ,B6 ,C,E and K ,potassium ,calcium ,iron ,choline ,betaine ,folates magnesium ,phosphorus ,selenium ,phytosterols ,protein ,carbohydrates ,antioxidants ,flavonoids amino acids , omega 3 fatty acids ,omega 6 fatty acids ,soluble , insoluble fibers  and other compounds like gallotannins ,triterpenes ,flavonoids and phenolic acid ,eugenol ,eugenol acetate ,caryophyllene  etc .

Cloves  are having  antioxidant ,anti septic ,local anesthetic ,anti inflammatory ,carminative ,anti flatulent ,worming and soothing properties .
- Cloves are popular in dentistry as a local anesthetic  and drugs due the presence of eugenol ,beta caryophyllene which have analgesic ,anti septic and anti inflammatory properties .Temporarily treat a tooth ache by dabbing a little clove oil on a cotton bail and placing it on the sore tooth or on your gums .
- Daily consumption of cloves can increase the insulin activity ,control the blood sugar levels and prevents type 2 diabetes .
- Relieves upper respiratory problems and also good for bronchitis ,tuberculosis ,sinusitis  and asthma .
- Reduce inflammation in the body parts because of its anti inflammatory property  ,good for arthritis and sore muscles .
-  Cloves promote  gastro enzymatic secretions and boost proper digestive functioning ,the decoction  is used to treat flatulence ,indigestion ,and constipation .
- Very good remedy for intestinal worms 
- It enhances the sexual health 
- Due to its anti microbial properties clove oil can treat skin problems like acne and warts .
- It enhances the body metabolism .
- It helps for proper blood circulation ,protects heart from cardiovascular diseases .
- Good  for sore throats , cold and coughs , clove oil is used in  sore throats sprays and mouth washes
- Good for blood coagulation because it contains a vitamin K .
- Excellent remedy for  flatulence ,vomiting ,dyspepsia ,motion sickness and hiccups 
-  It boosts immune system . 
- Good for kidney function 
- Clove oil is used in aromatherapy. 

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  1. Cloves are dried aromatic flower buds. Cloves in small quantities are usually used in many Indian dishes. Clove oil is usually used in spa treatment and it also helps in relieving the irritation caused due to rashes on the skin. As a part of tea, with other herbs, clove gives a sense of calmness and helps in relieving stress.
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