The highly nutritious and tasty edible leaves are having lot of health benefits .We all know about  the health benefits of grapes . but did not heard much about grape leaves  .Grapes are popular fruit  grown  all over all world .Grape leaves are loaded with nutrients  like calcium ,magnesium ,iron ,copper ,manganese ,dietary fiber ,low sodium ,low sugar ,low calories ,cholesterol free ,vitamin A ,vitamin C ,vitamin B complex ,vitamin E ,vitamin K ,omega 3 fatty acids ,omega 6 fatty acids , antioxidants and naringin compounds .The delicious leaves are used to prepare veg soups ,veg rolls , veg salads ,meat ,chicken ,tea etc .
Regular intake of this leaves helps to 
- Fill your stomach  and slows down the digestion so that it helps to gradual release of sugar in to your blood streams because of its low   glycemic index and fiber content  that is why it is good for diabetes patients .
- Reduce the risk of heart diseases ,stroke ,depression because of its omega 3 and omega 6 content .
- Slows down the aging processes .
- Great for skin because it contains a lot of vitamin E and poly phenols .
- Boost your cell development 
- prevents eye related problems because it contains a vitamin A .
- Prevents blood loss after  an injury because of its vitamin K contents .
- keep our bone and teeth strong because of its calcium and magnesium content .
- good for nerves and muscle functions because of its vitamin B complex content .
- Promotes healthy blood circulation 
- Reduce body weight because of its low calories 
- Good for high blood pressure because it is having low sodium content 
- Removes constipation because of its fiber content 
- Reduce the swelling of legs 
- Prevents alzheimer 's disease 
- prevents colon and breast cancer .
-  Grape leaves tea is also good for  all aches ,diarrhea ,fever ,headaches ,,menstrual bleeding ,vaginal discharge and even for canker sores .
Add this highly nutritious leaves to your  daily diet  for healthy living .  

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